Knowledge Hub


Provide WBT, AR, VR and 360° videos via a unified portal – CrossDevice for Android, iOS and Windows and both online and offline


Easily modify existing content, convert PowerPoint templates, create augmented reality and virtual reality content


Learner Record Store (LRS) for all users, connect to any LMS or support ERP processes – all via a standardized interface


Learn Analytics and relevant BI evaluations support the optimal knowledge transfer – sustainable, comprehensible and efficient.


Knowledge.Hub is the first pure cloud platform for Next Generation Learning. It relies on game-based learning, adaptive learning and microlearning to achieve a better and more efficient knowledge transfer. With Knowledge.Hub companies have the possibility to supply their employees, partners and customers with information and knowledge in a targeted way and to achieve a high level of acceptance and motivation. Knowledge.Hub optimally supports the 70:20:10 approach of modern knowledge transfer – direct access when it is important. Secure knowledge for your users and increase the competence of each individual with small contents on the smartphone, desktop or tablet. Create modern content yourself – dynamically with or without Augmented / Virtual Reality or edit content created by us. With the help of Learn Analytics you can find and close performance gaps with Knowledge.Hub.

Scalable and modular

Knowledge.Hub contents are not only easy to create – Gamification elements are already directly available and motivate you to further build up your knowledge. Knowledge.Hub grows with your needs – all parts can be variably adapted in size and scope. Knowledge.Hub is just as suitable for small teams, organizations and schools as it is for multinational corporations – whether 50, 100 or 100,000 users – Knowledge.Hub grows with you. With the help of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, your information is close to the user when needed and also complies with local data protection regulations. Core Learning Production develops Knowledge.Hub in-house and thus Knowledge.Hub also serves for the joint development of content – an optimal and efficient division of labour for better content!


Knowledge.Hub distributes and displays content using efficient identity and access management based on Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory infrastructure. This enables a unified login for all your users! Existing web-enabled content (WBT) can be easily delivered (SCORM/xAPI content). All content is synchronized to the end device and played offline – and you retain control. Knowledge.Hub stores the learning history from all sources including offline synchronization.


Simply provide yourself with modern, interactive learning methods with a visual online authoring tool: E-Learning / KnowlegdeNuggets MicroLearning / Gamifikation KnowledgeHunt AR KnowledgeExperience AR/VR KnowledgeVideos 360° … and a combination of the various methods.


Knowledge.Hub stores all information in a central data pool and makes it available as a Learning Record Store (LRS). Thanks to a universal interface, other systems such as LMS or ERP can also use and process data – all securely and based on modern system architectures. Knowledge.Hub can thus be optimally integrated into established LMS environments as a learning portal or social learning environments.


Knowledge.Hub uses modern Learn-Analytics and AI to offer not only relevant BI visualizations but also optimal support for users. Be it with hints for further content or feedback for creators about the usefulness of the content. Knowledge.Hub.Analyze knows almost no limits! In addition, Knowledge.Hub.Analyze supports content creation – e.g. through video indexing, free text analysis and much more.