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Versatile E-Training Solutions for Sustainably Anchoring Knowledge

Learning Nuggets
Cost-effective Training Solutions
for Smaller Changes

To better address smaller process and IT changes, we have designed cost-effective learning nuggets. This type of training ensures that your participants quickly become versed in the new learning content.

A learning nugget consists of one training module. It may be a video that creates emotional acceptance for a change. Or a short web-based training (WBT) in the form of a slideshow designed to anchor detailed knowledge. Or a simulation that enables participants to practice how to use the new software.

Digital training solutions with learning nuggets are suitable for groups of up to 100 participants or more.

Core Learning Production, Screenshot Learning Nuggets

No. of training modules:

Learning Cluster
Multi-facetted Approach
to Mid-sized Changes

We recommend what we call learning clusters for mid-sized changes. They’re ideal for addressing topics like updates to your processes or systems. Or for launching new products via sales partners.

Learning clusters are comprised of three training modules. The learning contents are transmitted to your participants via different types of media and learning elements. They include brief coaching sessions that answer participants’ questions right at the workplace. Or interactive quizzes that playfully anchor deep knowledge in long-term memory.

Digital training solutions with learning clusters are frequently used in training processes with 300 or more participants.

Core Learning Production, Screenshot Learning Cluster

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Learning Experience Worlds
Manage Far-reaching Changes Uniformly & Comprehensively

If your organization is faced with a major change, a learning experience world is the right solution. Changes to your corporate strategy, major IT transitions or post-merger integrations can all be optimally executed.

No. of training modules:

A learning experience world consists of at least five training modules. In this type of training, participants are immersed in a virtual world where they learn based on concrete change situations. Learning components like informational videos simplify complex relationships and create emotional readiness for the change process. Virtual coaches offer their support in every training module in case the next step seems unclear. And participants can try out their newly-gained knowledge immediately in realistic dialog and roleplaying games that replicate their actual experiences in the workplace.

Each learning experience world is rounded out by info cards and a document library that makes knowledge available around the clock, anywhere in the world. Participants thus have centralized access to relevant guidelines, handbooks, and other documents, which they can view and even download.

We recommend digital training solutions with learning experience worlds for change processes involving 500 participants or more.

Blended Learning

Our digital training solutions can easily be combined with classic onsite training measures as part of a blended learning strategy.

The Advantages of Our E-Training Solutions

  • Flexible no. of participants, from 100 to 10,000 employees
  • Low organizational overhead
  • No room or travel costs
  • Time- and location-independent training
  • Identical knowledge in all companies of a corporate group in just one week
  • Execute parallel e-training measures globally
  • New, interactive possibilities for conveying knowledge
  • Present complex topics in a simple and engaging way
  • Independent learning with high motivation
  • Sustainably anchor knowledge in the company
  • Significant savings potential of up to 90%

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