Digital training solution for R + V Versicherung by Core Competence receives eLearning-Award 2016

Digital training solution for R + V Versicherung by Core Competence receives eLearning-Award 2016

Learn with a playful flow: digital training solution for R + V Versicherung wins eLearning award 2016


Customers have very clear ideas what they expect from their financial partners: individual, legally compliant and reliable advice. To provide this at an excellent level of quality, R + V Allgemeine Versicherung , one of the largest insurance companies in Germany, developed a single consultation process that leads their staff through a customer conversation with the help of a new software application.

In a joint project with CoreCompetence a virtual training world was created, which combines both themes – Advisory standard and application: the „R + V BeratungsQualität experience“, an interactive training concept with noticeable learning value. „The challenge was to visualize that the learning effect is supported in a flow on a playful level complex knowledge quantities as building blocks,“, says Christian Müller, Senior Vice President of CoreCompetence. „Our aim was, to create a realistic environment in which employees learn at the same time how to use a software for a consultation and to lead a qualified consultation.“

R + V Allgemeine Versicherung is breaking new grounds with this innovative solution. A virtual moderator guides through the interactive training world and explains, step by step, what drives the new R + V BeratungsQualität. Quizzes reinforce the knowledge input, with the correct answers learners can control a small racing car in pole position at the start. Thus begins the exploration tour in the interactive learning space through the new advisory process and the related technology. The journey itself is designed as a trip through Germany it starts at the R + V headquarters in Wiesbaden, various learning topics are taught in eight other cities.

The special thing about it: The consultants learn all elements together, just as they will use them later at the customer. In the interview with a virtual customer they are carried thru all sections of the standardized consultation process and enter data directly – „this is learning by doing at its best“, says Müller.

„The highlight is definitely the interaction,“ says Lucie Wollenweber, subproject manager of R + V’s organizational development. With the program, the field service is trained playfully the new consultation process, at the same time he trained using the new technique, which supports him during the consultation. „And that is not only plain presenting , but we have added many different elements, videos, avatars, quizzes, a story that simulates the customer’s situation, and more“, says Wollenweber.

A clear goal was to transform compressed knowledge in an effective learning process and to take advantage of the fun factor as an ally. „When learning is done with pleasure, even highly complex knowledge is better anchored in the brains memorythis is what we are going to achieve, explains Müller.

The positive feedback shows that this has been a success: in 2015 the digital training solution was projected in a pilot and has been tested throughout Germany and developed further on the basis of this feedback. In the upcoming weeks, the broad introduction of the R + V BeratungsQualität is taking place: around 4,500 employees and staff of the field services of R + V learn vividly with the interactive tutorial, how the new advisory process works by experiencing it holistically playful.

Bilder und Videos

Group-Photo with Award – Award-Ceremony 17-2-2016 in Cologne. (f.l.t.r) Uwe Seidenstricker, Christian Ebert, Stephanie Bär (alle R+V), Frank Siepmann (eLearning Journal), Lucie Wollenweber (R+V), Christian Müller, Raimund Bernhardt (beide CoreCompetence), Bernd Herchenroeder (R+V). Photo:© Ingo Böden